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the treasure of the sierra madre

the treasure of the sierra madre - hunger for the complete...

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Jim McErlean The scene I have chosen is when Curtin first realizes Dobbs is talking to himself. Dobbs, starting to show his greed, is talking to himself, and the animals, about the other two's “plot” to get him. This scene shows that Dobbs is starting to lose his mind to the gold. He believes that Curtin and Howard are out to get them, which is quite the opposite. It could be he land is getting to Dobbs. They are in the middle of a desert mountain. The tranquility and repetitive days could make him lose his senses. Curtin must draw his pistol, to grab Dobb’s attention, and tell Dobbs, as he does numerous times, that they are in it together and no one is out to get him. The second scene is the morning after Dobbs shot Curtin. The
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Unformatted text preview: hunger for the complete payout, instead of the three ways, has consumed Dobbs. With Howard off reaping his reward, it gives Dobbs a perfect opportunity to get away with all of the gold. This scene shows that Dobbs has taken a head first dive into insanity. The shots of him debating, with him-self, what to do with Curtin’s body draws you right into the depths of his mind. Dobbs is filled with paranoia, as he tries to justify all of his actions. The scene goes on to show that the scenery can finish Dobbs just as easily, when he has no water and no team to help him keep his bearings. Dobbs may have the chance to escape with his life from the bandits, but does not attempt to barter his possessions in exchange for his life....
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