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eternal - soon as Clementine hears this Dejavu hits her and...

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Jim McErlean The first scene is when Joel and Clementine run through the train station into a party Clementine is at, then into the doctor’s office. This scene combines the “oddness”, or possibly confusing points of the movie into a clearer picture. Jim Carey, when asleep, hears everything that Patrick and Stan say. When he gets to the Doctors office, he tries to make everything alright, but is sent further away. He does, however, realize that he wants to be with here no matter what. This shot shows that he in conscious of everything going on, running from the memory erase. The scene caps off with Elijah Wood spitting out lines that Joel had done before, in the same scenery. As
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Unformatted text preview: soon as Clementine hears this, Dejavu hits her, and she remembers the words that Joel used to steal her heart. The second scene I have chosen is when Dr. Howard tells Mary of what has happened, with the memory erases. She goes through Joel’s tape, hearing about the first day they met. This scene shows what Joel loved so much about Clementine. Clementine and Joel break into the beach house, an adventurous scene. This shows that Joel and Clementine were adventurous and in love, and can be back at that place before their fights. Almost a second chance, to wipe the slate clean and fall in love again....
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