the pickup - Megan Lawless Not every relationship compares...

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Megan Lawless Not every relationship compares to Romeo and Juliet. A relationship may have begun with a blind date, a random hookup, a brief introduction. It may have been an instant attraction, a purely sexual desire, or love at first sight. Whatever drives two people to meet again, it is then that the journey begins. It may be filled with lies and deceit, mistakes and apologies, raised voices and many tears. Despite these setbacks, at some point in the future the words “I love you” may be exchanged. What do these words mean and why are they spoken? How often are these words genuinely felt by the individual saying them? It is understood that in The Pickup, Julie and Ibrahim tell each other that they love one another. Perhaps first in the heat of passion, and later in the bonds of marriage, this couple announces their love. They are not so very different from many of us- teenagers, young adults- who are muddling through our own messy relationships. Often initiated for selfish reasons, they nonetheless result in love and sometimes marriage. When two people meet in a bar or at a party, they are often not looking for love. Some people are just looking for a good time, no commitment, someone to share their bed for the night. This is not necessarily wrong and is often how relationships start- perhaps what
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the pickup - Megan Lawless Not every relationship compares...

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