Review for Last Test

Review for Last Test - DO NOT BE LATE FOR EXAM 10:30am HUMN...

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. 10:30am, HUMN 1B50 (Same Room as Class) Chapter 5 o PAGE 136 CHART…quiz yourself on all the CHARTS o TRADE DRESS Protected similarly as trademarks Involves an appearance Ex: TGI Fridays…all have red and white striped tables Why do companies have trade dress Companies want you to go to TGI Fridays in hometown and go somewhere else and be able to recognize a TGI Fridays there and want to eat there. o TRADE NAMES Many companies have a legal Corporate namd…however would not be a very exciting Restaurant name Ex: XYZ Corp is not a good name for a restaurant….So XYZ Corp files to also follow under the name as Susan’s Café. Called a DBA o Doing Business Ad Defenses to Criminal Liability o Entraptment Suggestion+Iducement=Entraptment Reason why we have this defese Sometimes law enforcement steps over the boundaries and convinces people that would not actually do it to admit to it. Ex: under cover officer on campus. This under cover officer says to you, “I am selling drugs” so you go up to them and say “sure how much” o Upon payment you are arrested—this is Suggestion o However, if you keep walking by and do not say anything….they have a conversation that talks you into buying the drugs. (You would not have originally done so if they had not talked you into it). This is entraptment. o Someone that has been entrapted lacks the mental intent to actually do what being arrested for Patents o What can be patented? o
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Review for Last Test - DO NOT BE LATE FOR EXAM 10:30am HUMN...

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