202 Lab Report 3 Questions

202 Lab Report 3 Questions - Jeffrey Katz Shaina Khan Lab...

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Jeffrey Katz ENGRD 202 Shaina Khan Lab Report #3: Deformation and Failure of Beams 1. The calculations for the ratios are given on the table. To calculate stiffness, one must divide the load that a beam is subjected to by its corresponding deflection (in essence, find the slope of the line on the graph). For instance, if a beam were loaded with 20 pounds and it was deflected by .025 inches its stiffness would be (20 lb / .025 in), or 800 lb/in. 2. It should be noted that in the end, the numbers found in the stiffness ratio are rough approximations. It would take multiple tests to determine a true stiffness of a beam. Width: (compare beams 1 and 4) – It would seem that when one doubles the width, the stiffness is roughly doubled as well, as the ratio is roughly 1.83. Height: (compare beams 1 and 2) – It would seem that if the height is doubled, the stiffness of the beam is increased by about seven times (rounding up a factor of 6.89). A 7 to 1 ratio is close to an 8 to 1 ratio, which would be the increase in the height cubed, so doubling the height could lead to an increase in stiffness of 8 times, although jumping from a 7 to 1 ratio to an 8 to 1 ratio is admittedly a large step. . Modulus: (compare beams 2 and 5) – Beam 5 has a modulus of elasticity of 10 x 10 6 psi, which is 3 times less than that of the steel Beam 2. Beam 5’s stiffness is in turn about a
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202 Lab Report 3 Questions - Jeffrey Katz Shaina Khan Lab...

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