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Response Paper #1: “The Eternal Jew” The Jews are “A plague that threatens the health of the Aryan people” Households are filthy despite having the money to live comfortably. Seldom are Jews found doing useful work.” If they do, it’s not voluntary. They’re not used to it and they don’t like it. These Jews don’t want to work, but they want to barter” My words: The movie denies the fact that Jews were left with no choice but to “barter” because other professions were closed to them. The movie portrays “bartering” as Jew’s second nature. “For the Jews, doing business is considered doing something holy.” The movie further contrasts the lifestyles of Aryans and Jews by showing hard-working Aryans that are doing “useful” or “meaningful” work. Jews “buy and sell, but produce nothing.” The expulsion of Jews is portrayed as Jews leaving town to move to a richer area for
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Unformatted text preview: better business opportunities. “Mongrelized Jew” Movie makes Jews seem like an invasive race that is taking over the world. Relation of the spread of rats with the spread of the Jews. Jewish people try to hide their racial origin when among non-Jews. Later generations of Jews are considered to have “assimilated” to European culture and are told to be “dangerouous” foreign part of the “Europeon body”. Feign poverty to avoid paying taxes.” Movie clip, stereotypically. They said this movie was made by American Jews as a tribute to one of their greatest. It seems more like a movie made by the Germans to further slander (?) the Jews. Kings of finance. The movie pointed out all the rich or powerful around the world as if they’re taking over the world. 810 vs. 10,000? Marks. Conducting business during service....
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