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Chapter24HW - 1,000 F allocated portion of building...

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Laura Stroup Professor Woodward Chapter 24 Homework E24-8) a Sales 8,000 10,000 <C/G/s> Gross Profit <sell & adm exp> 5,800 6,000 Net op income Income taz exp Net Income B) Terry shouldn't be yelled at because his he actual had favorable money, his budget was just done E24-9) a Service Revenue
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Unformatted text preview: 1,000 F allocated portion of: building depreciation advertising 800 F billing 500 F property taxes 800 F material and supplies 300 F supervisory salaries 400 U Insurance 500 F Wages 300 U Gas and oil 700 U Equipment Depreciation 300 F e wrong...
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