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Passion & Philosophy Project1 - 1 A Dream for Next...

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1 A Dream for Next Generation Advertising Advertisements. When reflecting on this word for a while, one certainly does not think of positive, encouraging messages being conveyed to them. Rather, they think of beautiful, racy dressed women, sex, or just beer showing you the time of your life. Why are these the images that come to mind and can we change this? My passion is to make a difference in the world of advertising and help companies deliver ads that can build a person up, rather than tear them down. When I really sit back and think if this dramatic change can be done, I question things. Is society already too far gone? I mean is everyone already too addicted to the pretty faces and sexual innuendos? Would a positive advertisement even work or be accepted by viewers? These questions seemed to be halting me from further pursuing my passion until I spoke with a faith-driven woman I admire and who also happens to be very familiar with the world of business. As said by Shaina Prough, high school marketing teacher, “It can be done. Most would think it’s too far-fetched of a goal to accomplish, but with enough people joining together and supporting the idea, it can be done. Faith and confidence bring about blessing and success.” Hearing this was so powerful and encouraging to me that it really got my brain juices flowing on how to make this passion a reality. Most people pursue advertising in a way that’s degrading to women and just throws whatever they want out there as long as it is going to bring in the money and sell a product. However, I think this way of thinking is a fallacy and the wrong way to operate. I see advertising as the perfect opportunity to spread positive and Christ-like messages to as many people as possible. This view is very contradictory to seeing advertising as just the perfect opportunity to market a product no matter how low you have to stoop to do so. My philosophy is that if there are enough people out there that will buy into advertisements that sell because of sex, violence, and persuasion, then there are enough people out there that are tired of these stereotypical ads that will buy into kindness, compassion, and love displayed in an advertisement. That long-winded sentence Functional Dependence ; Cultural Relativism; Fallacy; Deontology Ethics; The Reality Appearance Gap
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2 is what I want my mission statement to look like when I enter the world of business and try to stand
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Passion & Philosophy Project1 - 1 A Dream for Next...

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