The prince and the pauper by Mark Twain is about a prince and the pauper

The prince and the pauper by Mark Twain is about a prince and the pauper

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The prince and the pauper by Mark Twain is about a prince and the pauper Which they exchange theirself. In England the prince (Edward Taudor) and the pauper(Tom Canty)are the same age and they look exacaly the same by the hair and the eyes. When chance bring them together, they decide for fun to swithch clothes.But the fate suddenly casts them into each other’s worlds. Tom learns what it is like to be the beloved heir to the thron and the young prince learn what beggars have to endure . Often in every story there is one moment or one event that stand the book of the prince and the pauper chapter two which is in the begging of story stand out. In chaper two the pauper came to a place which was building with gateway , gol bars,and huge stonelions and the sign of royalty ,he knew that it could be the kings palace. He thought that was the chance tomeet the prince, without noticing he was getting close to
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Unformatted text preview: the gate. The guard hit him and told him to stay away from the palace you pauper. The prince was out there and saw everything that happened soo he came and took the pauper inside with him. When they were talking the had lots of similitrys . they both want something that they couldn’t get.edward want to be a normal kids, he was tired of being a prince. Tom really really wanted to become a prince , his life was terrible.once for fan the change their clothes nad they really did it. It just happen without was huge different and didffucult for them. I thought That was the most stand out scene because if that scene didn’t happen then the wouldn’t be any story. If tom hadint come near the palace then they wouldn’t really meet each other. The book wouldn’t make any sense if that scene didn’t had happen....
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