SyllabusS08 - ASTRONOMY 100Lg THE UNIVERSE Spring 2008 Tentative Schedule Dr Warner Text Freedman& Kaufmann Universe Eighth Edition Date Topic

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Unformatted text preview: ASTRONOMY 100Lg: THE UNIVERSE Spring, 2008 Tentative Schedule Dr. Warner Text: Freedman & Kaufmann - Universe ( Eighth Edition) Date Topic Reading Jan. 15 / 17 Introduction; Early Astronomy; Celestial Sphere Ch. 1,2 Jan. 22 / 24 Precession; Time-keeping; Lunar Phases; Eclipses Ch. 2,3; make notes Jan. 29 / 31 Eclipses; The Astronomical Revolution; Gravity Ch. 3,4 Feb. 5 / 7 Gravity; Properties of Waves; Radiation Ch. 4,5 FIRST MIDTERM EXAM: Tuesday, February 12 th (Bring a No. 2 pencil) Feb. 12 / 14 Atoms & Spectroscopy; Telescopes Ch. 5,6 Total Lunar Eclipse: Wednesday, February 20 th . Mid-eclipse: 7:26 pm, PST Feb. 19 / 21 Solar System: General Principles; Earth & Moon Ch. 7,8,9 Feb. 26 / 28 Planets and Other Things in the Solar System Ch. 7–15 Mar. 4 / 6 Birth of the Solar System; The Sun - our Star Ch. 8,16; make notes SECOND MIDTERM EXAM: Tuesday, March 11 th (Bring a No. 2 pencil) Mar. 11 / 13 Stellar Quantities; HR Diagram; Binaries Ch. 17 SPRING BREAK: Monday, Mar. 17 th – Friday, Mar. 22 nd Mar. 25 / 27 Stellar Evolution I Ch. 17,18,19; handout Apr. 1 / 3 Stellar Evolution II; Death of Stars Ch. 20,21,22; handout Apr. 8 / 10 Stellar Evolution III: The Stellar Graveyard Ch. 21,22 THIRD MIDTERM EXAM: Tuesday, April 15 th (Bring a No. 2 pencil) Apr. 15 / 17 Our Galaxy and Other Galaxies Ch. 23, 24 Apr. 22 / 24 Galaxies and Cosmology Ch. 25, 26, 27 Apr. 29/May 1 Cosmology; The Early Universe Ch. 26, 27 ALL STUDENTS (NO EXCEPTIONS) WILL TAKE THE FINAL EXAM ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 14 th , 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.. Classes meet: Lecture: TTh 12:00–1:50, SLH 200 ( NOTE: Exams may be held in different rooms – this will be announced ) Labs meet: SGM 219 Office hours: Nick Warner: classroom/SSC216D, TTh 2:15–3:30, and by appointment Joseph Vandiver – SGM 416, Mo–Th 3:00-4:00PM. Office/phone numbers: Nick Warner: SSC 216D; 740-1146, Joseph Vandiver: SGM 416; 740-8889 TAs’ office: SGM 217, 218 or 219; – hours to be announced. e-mail: Nick Warner: [email protected], Joseph Vandiver: [email protected] 1 Course Structure and Philosophy Welcome to ASTR 100Lg: The Universe . This course is about your origins taken on the grandest possible scale. It is my hope that by the end you will have a sense of where we are in the universe, and how we got here: Not only in terms of the evolution of the planets, galaxies and of the universe as a whole, but also in terms of the development of our knowledge and understanding of astronomy. As a result, the early part of the course will involve a considerable amount of the essential basic science, and most particularly physics, organized according to how it was discovered, or became relevant to astronomy. The last three sections of the course examine what we know about the universe (and how we know it) at progressively larger scales: starting with the solar system, we then move out to stars in our galaxy, thence to other galaxies and, finally, to the expansion of the universe as a whole....
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SyllabusS08 - ASTRONOMY 100Lg THE UNIVERSE Spring 2008 Tentative Schedule Dr Warner Text Freedman& Kaufmann Universe Eighth Edition Date Topic

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