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Chordate Comparison Chart

Chordate Comparison Chart - Class Body Limbs Chondrichthyes...

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Class Chondrichthyes Osetichthyes Amphibia Reptilia Aves Mammalia Body Fusiform: spindle shaped, elongate and tapered at ends Diverse: fusiform, flattened, elongate, horselike Varies from elongate to short and compact Variable: compact, elongate Four divisions: head, long neck, trunk, tail Covered in hair, reduced in some Limbs Heterocercal caudal fin (top lobe Is larger, contains vertebral column), paired pectoral fins, two dorsal median fins, pelvic fins in males (modified as claspers) Paired median fins Fin rays of cartilage or bone Two dorsal fins, pelvic fins, anal fin, caudal fin Usually four limbs Some forelimbs much smaller Webbed feet common Paired Usually five toes Adapted for climbing, running and paddling Absent in snakes Paired limbs Forelimbs usually adapted for flying Posterior pair variously specialized Ranges from sprawling to fully erect, generally latter Jaws/Mouth Ventral jaws loosely bound to cranium, can swing freely Teeth derived from modified skin of placoid scales/denticles Terminal mouth Many teeth, some toothless Jaws present No teeth Jaws covered with horny beak Lips and socketed, specialized teeth in both jaws Skin Placoid scales (denticles) and mucous glands
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