Timeline - 375 mya Tetrapods appear 350 mya Amniotes appear...

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Timeline 550 mya Cambrian Period Chordates first appear 500 mya Craniata appears 450-500 mya Oldest vertebrates (ostracoderms) appear 450 mya Chondrichthyes appear 425 mya Silurian Period Bony fishes appear (Actinopterygia) 400 mya Devonian Period Sarcopterygians appear
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Unformatted text preview: 375 mya Tetrapods appear 350 mya Amniotes appear 225 mya Triassic Period Reptiles appear 150 mya Late Jurassic Period Birds appear Mammals appear 125-150 mya Late Jurassic Period First snakes appear...
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