Lab3 HydrogenationDehydrogenation

Lab3 HydrogenationDehydrogenation - A...

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A Dehydrogenation/Hydrogenation Reactions Anita Wong, Lab Section 302, Performed October 10, 2007 Purpose In this experiment, monterpene carvone will be reacted with Pd/C in heat and be dehydrogenated, forming H 2 gas. The H 2 will then hydrogenate the intermediate and form a phenyl ring derivative. The driving force for this reaction is the stability of the aromatic product. Results At the end of the experiment, the total yield of product synthesized was 0.120 grams, a yield of 88.9%. The product produced was a translucent golden yellow that looked like hardened oil and smelled like rubber and oil. Discussion The structure of the final product was determined by examining equations 3, 4, and 5 in the lab manual and applying the same concepts to the carvone. From equation 3, it can be deduced that the alkene on the isopropyl is hydrogenated and a benzene ring will be formed, and from equation 5 an alcohol will be formed. From that, we came up with a benzene ring with a methyl, an isopropyl, and an alcohol group attached. The formation of a phenyl derivative from the carvone is exothermic because the phenyl derivative is more stable than the initial compound. The sigma bonds cause the pi bonds to line up, which provides a stabilizing effect on the ring and makes it more
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Lab3 HydrogenationDehydrogenation - A...

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