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Lab5 WittigReaction - The Wittig Reaction Anita Wong Lab...

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The Wittig Reaction Anita Wong, Lab Section 302, Performed October 24, 2007 Purpose In this lab, a stable phosphorane will be reacted with 2-nitrobenzaldehyde in the Wittig reaction. This reaction will be catalyzed with microwave radiation. The two products formed will be separated by column chromatography, and the alkene product was isolated. Results From the column chromatography, yellow crystals were isolated as the product. The product yielded from the reaction weighed 0.062 grams, which is a 60.8% percent yield. The melting point of the product was determined to be 63.7°C – 65.4°C. Discussion Since the product obtained was an alkene, the two isomers of product formed are the E- Z isomers of the alkene. This was determined by looking at the NMR spectra of the product, which showed smaller peaks with smaller integration values. This shows that both isomers were produced, and one of the isomers was produced in greater amounts than the other. By looking at the two structures, the E alkene was probably the major product because it has less sterics than the Z alkene. By forming the product in the
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Lab5 WittigReaction - The Wittig Reaction Anita Wong Lab...

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