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Lucy Carrillo Tuyen Kiet Anita Wong Jeffrey Wu Bio 1B Lab Sec 116 GSI: Brandi McCoy Cladistics of Early-Diverging Cactus Lineages Group 1 Based on the results of our cladistic analysis of the Cactus family, we determined that the subfamilies Cactoidea and Opuntioidea are monophyletic, meaning that their group includes their common ancestor and all of its descendants. However, we do not have enough information to determine the placing of our subfamily Maihuenioideae according to our cladogram. The subfamily Pereskioideae is not monophyletic because it does not include the ancestor as well as all of its descendants. Because cladistics ultimately wants to make classifications monophyletic, we would reject the traditional hypothesis of relationship of the four subfamilies because of the appearance of non-monophyletic groupings. The genus Pereskia is polyphyletic because each of the three examples we had in lab descended from a different ancestor, according to our cladogram. Our results do not support the traditional hypothesis of the “ Pereskia model” of cactus evolution, which groups Pereskia as a monophyletic group.
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Cladistics Lab - Lucy Carrillo Tuyen Kiet Anita Wong...

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