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1st draft close reading - Megan Lawless Com L 114[1 Nights...

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Megan Lawless Com L 114 10/29/07 [1] Nights around here are filled with ghosts. You should see all the spirits walking through the streets. As soon as it’s dark they begin to come out. [2] No one likes to see them. [3] There’s so many of them and so few of us that we don’t even make the effort to pray for them anymore, to help them out of their purgatory. [4] We don’t have enough prayers to go around. [5] Maybe a few words of the Lord’s Prayer for each one. [6] But that’s not going to do them any good. [7] Then there are our sins on top of theirs. [8] None of us still living is in God’s grace. [9] We can’t lift up our eyes, because they’re filled with shame. [10] And shame doesn’t help. This paragraph from Juan Rulfo’s Pedro Páramo appears nearly half way through the novel. It is part of a dialog between Juan Preciado and a woman- the first person he meets on his journey who is actually alive. It is a pivotal point in the story because it is the first explanation that Juan Preciado, and the reader, has for the way things are in Comala. It is also a turning point in Juan’s quest for his heritage. The fact that the town is deserted and devoid of nearly every living being means that Juan will not have a chance to confront to his father. The people and
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This note was uploaded on 03/10/2008 for the course COMM 114 taught by Professor Romero-rivera,marce during the Spring '08 term at Cornell.

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1st draft close reading - Megan Lawless Com L 114[1 Nights...

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