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aristotle paper

aristotle paper - cannot be happy According to Aristotle...

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26 February 2008 Formula for Happiness There cannot be a formula for happiness. Our reasons for happiness are constantly changing. As humans, our thoughts, moods, and feelings are in a constant motion. In order to achieve happiness, according to Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics , we must have “feelings (of fear, confidence, hunger, anger, pity, pleasure, and pain) at the right times, about the right things, toward the right people, for the right end, and in the right way.” (1106b21-23) Aristotle is attempting to give a set of directions and guidelines to determine whether or not we are happy. One may feel pleasure, yet hunger at the same moment, so does this mean he
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Unformatted text preview: cannot be happy? According to Aristotle, however, if the person eats until he feels satisfaction, he will finally be happy. Our feelings shift throughout the day. For example, we eat all day long, and so our hunger levels are fluctuating; sometimes we are hungry and other times we are full. We may stub out toe at one moment, and be tickled in the next, yet still feel the pain from our injury. We cannot be static in our feelings, and so, we cannot be static in our moods either. There cannot be any specific instructions for personal happiness....
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