Muslim Women in Australia An Active Approach

Muslim Women in Australia An Active Approach - 1 May 2008...

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1 May 2008 Muslim Women in Australia: An Active Approach The main idea of this paper is to demonstrate the features of Muslim women’s activism both before and after the terrorist attacks on the United States in 2001 . As a result of the concentration of attention on Muslim militancy , Muslim women living in Australia have begun to pursue a more active role in their communities . Orthodox and liberal Muslim women are taking different approaches to being both a Muslim and an Australian citizen , and the Australian government will need to understand the diversity of the opinions in order to find a proper strategy to connect with Muslims living under its authority . Before examining the changes which had taken place in terms of activism , it is important to understand the Muslim women . According to Sumina Yasmeen, “Muslim women have also emerged as the symbols of Muslim identity .” CITATION Sam07 \l 1033 For example , the hijab, a type of scarf covering the hair , symbolizes a Muslim woman. In the traditional manner, Muslim women have functioned as an active member of a family sphere , but not as active a member in the state sphere , because of a combination of their original customs and readings from the proper Islamic texts . CITATION Sam07 \l 1033 (Yasmeen 2007)
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As the numbers of Muslim women in Australia rose , they began to participate in the market and state sphere . Alongside this new contribution to society, Muslim women increased their level of activism , their primary objectives being “correcting the negative images about Islam , and helping the recent immigrants to settle into Australia”
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Muslim Women in Australia An Active Approach - 1 May 2008...

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