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philosophy presentation and paper

philosophy presentation and paper - Descartes can think...

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10 April 2008 Descartes accounted for error by beginning with a statement that the only thing he knew for certain was “I” exists as a thinking thing and that if God is a perfect infinite being, he is not a deceiver. If God is not a deceiver, then there should be no error in the world. God has given Descartes the judgment to make the right decisions, and he is still capable of making errors. If God isn’t a deceiver, then there should not be error in the world. This concept ties back to Augustine’s previous arguments about evil in the world, and his belief that God couldn’t have created evil because God is essentially good. As he discovered then, evil is not real, it is just an absence of good. In the same way, error does not exist; it is just an absence of good judgment. God has given Descartes two other faculties: intellect and free will. Intellect is limited and he can only understand so much. Free will, however, is unlimited.
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Unformatted text preview: Descartes can think what he wants and do what he wants. These faculties are not deceiving, which poses the question of how error is possible. Error is a lack of judgment, and so, it is a result of a lack of knowledge. Therefore will can be extended past intellect. This causes us to make a judgment based on a weak, flawed idea, which is a result of error. From here, Descartes begins to wonder why God would allow us to have a lack of knowledge. Descartes is able to assume that we can’t understand the meaning to the answer to this question because we are not as perfect as God is. Based on this information, Descartes is able to come up with a theory that we are meant to be imperfect in order to be a part of a perfect thing. We may just be one part of God’s plan for perfectness....
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