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quiz5-b - Physics 1A—b Quiz 5 Prof Jose Onuchic MULTIPLE...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 1A—b Quiz # 5 Nov 14, 2003 Prof. Jose Onuchic MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Figure 1 P=l20N V1=0.5 m/s V2=3.5 mfs 3.0? .... -- - A constant external force P=120 N is applied to a 20 kg box, which is on a rough horizontal surface. The force pushes the box a distance of 8.0 m, in a time interval of 4.0 s, and the speed changes from V1 2 0.5 m/s to V2 = 3.5 m/ s.‘ 1) In Figure 1, the work done by the external force P is closest to: A) 830] B) 740] - C) 480] D) 570] E) 660] 2) In Figure 1, the work done by friction is closest to: A) +850] B) —1000] C) —710] D) +1000] E) +710] 3) A very light cart holding a 300-N box is moved at constant velocity across a 15—m level surface. What is the net work done in the process? A) zero B) 1 / 20] C) 20] \ D) 2 000 J 4) A 50—N crate is pullediup a 5—m inclined plane by a worker at constant velocity. If the plane is inclined at an angle of 37° to the horizontal and there exists a constant frictional force of 10 N between the crate and the surface, what is the force applied by the worker? A) zero B) 20 N _ ' C) 30 N . D) 40‘N 5) Samantha pushes a SO—N crate up a ramp 25.0 min length and inclined at 100 with the horizontal. What potential energy change does the crate experience? A) 13] B) 55] C) 120] D) 220] 6) A 2 GOO—kg ore car rolls 50.0 m down a frictionless 10.0O incline. If there is a horizontal spring at the end of ' the incline, what spring constant is required to stop the ore car in a distance of 1.00 m? A)340kN/m B)681kN/m C) 980kN/m D)1960kN/m 7) A golf ball hits a wall and bounces back at 3 / 4 the original speed. What part of the original kinetic energy of the ball did it lose in the collision? ’ ' A)1/4 B) 3/8 C) 7/16 D)9/16 8) A 2.00—kg ball has zero kinetic and potential energy. Ernie drops the ball into a 10.0—m—deep well. Just before the ball hits the bottom, the sum of its kinetic and potential energy is: A) zero B) 196] C) —196] D) 392] A—l E) ; Quif'fi”; Pkfi§§k$ VHSWW Q :0 w: frame-- (zzowygmcoszoo: gm F _ LAX I ;Z)F= ¥K+FC¢930°1Wa I LCZM) fK " W - Feb-330° "' [20Kfo .75ka) ‘ZILO N3 (os30° ; ‘2. —§‘7N ; Nan» gmzfidcow"‘27N)(§m)yéosco):~7125=7 7 .2: fl ‘7 M '6 aCCeVmT|IKQ WM” Lauri-Cc Esra/3 Arc :‘vx aeulkfibri’cm AM do alga-J \wk arrest“ at'woovv‘? o‘F bob/k. N0+ “Bro!— 7- O‘. %73k= (191409»: 10° " 4.34M APE: Mali; 2 [90N)[43‘+M) : 71(13— <2, 77 BYE =- Mfikz '[lOOORBC‘igm/sflsmfim to 3 Ytpsjr PE‘ = Mfr/APE =7.r<=-z APE W3 7/ —- : (I‘M)?- 1 ’ w t 5 K—[%(l.7wéy) "5.4m N/nf :7 ¢ 7)‘ KEM, : M1 ’ {m [g VF; i‘muit-gz): 7'6; M2) =7 g an» d7€<f"‘7fi[% ~'Br£e4> 7'4; {Wm/1 w:ka kE +FE=o =7£ ...
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