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Jennifer Huynh Period 03 11/02-12/07 Enrichment Activity #1 Wolf Journals Chapter 5 (George) As I laid upon the green comfy grass of a crest of ridge, I sensed a living creature a couple of yards beyond where I lay. I was too tired and stiff to notify my pack, so I tried calling out to warn them that a mysterious creature is upon us. The smell was vaguely familiar and I could not identify whether it was friend or foe. I continued my calls but I gradually stopped because I was aware of the presence coming closer to me. Now, the creature was about six feet from me and it had bent down to look at me. The face of the creature was a pale white, with big eyes and a large nose. It looked slightly my size, but I believed, it weighed much less. It had the excited but afraid look upon it as it was staring at me. I thought of where I had encountered this type of creature before. Then it hit me. It was identified as a “human being.” My pack and I had stumbled upon these individuals before when we had ventured past our boundaries. I lingered and examined it for a couple more seconds until I became well aware of the fact that it was harmless, or so it seemed. As I sprang up on my feet and began to run, I felt it’s eyes following my every movement. I just wanted to go to my pack and inform them immediately. Chapter 6 (George) My pack and I live in a cave afar so I figured the human would not be able to endanger us in anyway since it would not be able to track me down anyway. It was a nice day so my mate and I decided to play a game. She took the initiative and pounced on me first. I attempted to dodge but I lost my balance and tripped. She landed one on me to signify that she caught me and soon, jumped away to circle me. “Not so bad for being a female, huh?” She said. “Pretty good, I gotta admit,” I growled. I came up on my feet as quick as possible and chased after her, until I could close the opening between her and me. Finally, using all my strength, I was able to get her. But soon, she dodged me and caught me once
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again. She chased after me up, down, and everywhere on the esker. In the end, we both fell, entangled, down the steep slope. When we reached the bottom, we found ourselves nose to nose, panting extremely hard while we separated and shook the dirt and the dizziness out of ourselves. “That was a good game,” she exclaimed. I nodded and the next thing I knew, her wet tongue was smothering my whole face, and I couldn’t avert it no matter how hard I tried. She finally halted and returned to the cave without a word. I walked around catching my breath again and spotted the human I had seen two days ago. Why would he follow me to my home, I thought. I did not want him hurting my family whatsoever so, I tried to scare him off. As a result, the human did back away slowly. But as a precaution, I guarded my home and laid resting there. Chapter 7 (George)
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wolf journals - Jennifer Huynh Period 03 11/02-12/07...

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