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Art 1440 9.9 Chapter Two Mesopotamia and Sumerians Fig. 2.1 – Ziggurat is nucleus of their existence. They had an idea that they had to get higher on the stairway to heaven. Fig 2.4 – Used for presentation of offerings to goddess that resided in ziggurat. They no longer had rituals for fertility, but they concentrated more on offerings and blessings. The vase represents a religious festival celebrating blessings from the goddess. Notice hierarchy. Fig 2.5 - Worshipers 2700 BCE. Asmar. (What is it made out of?) 2’6”tall. These stylistic ideas are borrowed up to Greek times. Called strict frontality (meaning what?) Scholars suggest statues offered prayer on behalf of donner. Eyes are big representing constant wakefulness so that they can fulfill their duty. Beard is stylistic representation because it’s not natural but we understand what it is.
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Unformatted text preview: Fig 2.7 Vultures take heads while the victorious watch. Rulers start to increase their size in the hierarchy of size because of the relationship they think they have with God. This piece is also narrative. Fig 2.8a - War side of Ur from tomb. Ruler and King blessed by God. Fig 2.8b - Peace side of Ur. 2600BCE. Wood inlaid and red limestone. Fig 2.10 - sound box of lyre tomb. First to show animals acting like humans. (What is it made out of?) Questions-Evaluate the stylistic and formal visual aspects of later Mesopotamian art and its iconography.-Identify cultures that ruled the Mesopotamian regions throughout early history-Critically evaluate the role of art and power in different near east civilizations from this period.-Evaluate architecture in different civilizations in near east cultures....
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