Art History Exam 3 Vocabulary

Art History Exam 3 Vocabulary - and each adjacent pair of...

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Art History Exam 3: Vocabulary Nave- the central area of a church Aisle- a part of a church divided laterally from the nave by a row of pillars or columns Apse- a usually semicircular or polygonal, often vaulted recess, especially the termination of the sanctuary end of a church Transept- structure forming the transverse part of a cruciform church; crosses the nave at right angles Narthex- a portico or lobby of an early Christian or Byzantine church or basilica, originally separated from the nave by a railing or screen Atrium- a rectangular court as, the forecourt of a building, such as an early Christian church, enclosed on three or four sides with porticoes Greco-Roman Illusionistic Devices- Pendentives- a triangular section of vaulting between the rim of a dome
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Unformatted text preview: and each adjacent pair of the arches that support it Squinches-a structure, such as a section of vaulting or corbeling, set diagonally across the interior angle between two walls to provide a transition from a square to a polygonal or more nearly circular base on which to construct a dome Encaustic- a paint consisting of pigment mixed with beeswax and fixed with heat after its application Tempera- a painting medium in which pigment is mixed with water-soluble glutinous materials such as size or egg yolk Iconography-the images and symbolic representations that are traditionally associated with a person or a subject Iconoclasm- the beliefs, practices, or doctrine of an iconoclast...
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Art History Exam 3 Vocabulary - and each adjacent pair of...

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