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Geometric 9 th – 7 th cbce Archaic 6 th cbce Classical 5 th cbce Late classical 4 th cbce Hellenistic 323-31 bce 5.1 geometric crater - of a funeral - connection of the here and now - * most common to see vases in these times - Greek = gods are immortal - Humans bodies reduced to geometric shapes - Horse rep many horses in one body - Warriors rep by shields - Narrative horz registers ( funeral) - All details show the geo forms - Vase, style, connects to Egyptian and meso 5.7 lady of Auxerre - statue of a goddess or core - elongated fingers - strict frontality - cylindral shape - hair 5.8 Kouros- (archaic) - *liberated from stone (suggesting here and now) with movement - Tied to Egyptian and meso - Democracy, ppl - *nude rep ideal of perfect form - Stomach is triangular 5.9 calf bearer ( archaic) - subtle smile regardless of whats going on suggesting artists ideas if humans 5.10 Kroisos (archaic) - not perfect posture and stance (natural stance) - weight shifting 5.10 Peplos core (archaic) - cylindral - naturalization of breast - marble (encostic: pigment and wax applied to sculptures) - vertical representations connection with afterlife
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5.38 Polykleitos (spear bearer) - *this is the 1 st cannon - Late classical (sets standard for this pd) - Ideal standards/ definitive example of perfect body (perfect contro posta) - Cannon of proportion - Symmetry/ counter balance 5.42 iktinos and Kallikrates 5.47 three goddesses - nudity isn’t appropriate - drapery is naturalized and detailed - relaxed, resting, no movement - sensual quality to human flesh 5.52 caryatid - only ionic or Corinthian - used as architectural support ( column) - late classical
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art_exam_2 - Geometric 9th 7th cbce Archaic 6th cbce...

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