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Assignment 1 Speech

Assignment 1 Speech - Good afternoon My name is Kyle Bowe...

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Good afternoon. My name is Kyle Bowe and I am here today to tell you why I am the best candidate to be a Stockbroker Intern here at Scottrade. I will be an employee who will work hard and efficiently to help improve what is already a great company. I believe I have the qualities you are looking for in your ideal prospective intern. First off, with today’s growing technology, computer skills are very important and I consider that a very strong point for myself. Not only have I taken a course at Louisiana State University based completely on learning Microsoft Office, but I also took a computer science course at Nicholls State University while I was still in High School. I also like to learn about computers as a hobby as I feel that learning to use computers more efficiently will increase my productivity in both life and leisure. As I have said, I am a student at Louisiana State and I am majoring in Economics. My classes have given me a great interest in the stock market and I would love to have the opportunity to learn more though such an amazing company as Scottrade. I believe that my curiosity will help me work even harder for you, and I
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