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Assignment 3 Interview

Assignment 3 Interview - 12 We have a proud history of...

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Kyle Bowe September 27, 2007 1. Do you have any leadership experience that you feel would be helpful in improving your performance at this position? 2. Do you have any experience in the customer service industry? 3. Have you ever handled business by phone in a professional setting? 4. Do you have a Bachelor’s degree? From where? What was your GPA or class rank? 5. How has your major/schooling prepared you to be a Claims Representative? 6. Can you speak or understand any foreign languages? 7. Are you able to use a computer proficiently in a professional environment? How quickly can you type? 8. In college or high school, were you involved in any extracurricular activities? 9. What made you decide to apply for this position? 10. This position requires a lot of interaction with the costumer. Will you be able to handle this well? 11. What do you know about Affimative Insurance?
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Unformatted text preview: 12. We have a proud history of serving the costumer with fairness. How do you plan to maintain or improve our company’s reputation? 13. This job may require you to travel. Would that be a problem? 14. Where do you see yourself working is five, ten, or even fifteen years? 15. What awards or honors have you achieved in your high school or college careers or in your professional life? 16. What experience have you had in honing your communication skills? 17. Did you find your academic exams easy or were you one who had to study for long hours? 18. What did you like best about your last/current job? 19. What is a unique fact about yourself that you feel sets you apart from all other applicants? 20. Do you have any job experience where you had employees under you?...
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