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Assignment 3 Resume

Assignment 3 Resume - • Learned computing skills for...

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KYLE DAVID BOWE 262 W. STATE ST. APT. #3307, BATON ROUGE, LA 70802, (985) 688 - 8759, [email protected] AFFIRMATIVE INSURANCE CLAIMS TRAINEE I am applying to be a claims trainee for Affirmative Insurance within the Southwest Regional Claims Center in Addison, TX. EXPERIENCE 9/1/2006 TO PRESENT Scottrade, Inc. Baton Rouge, LA STOCKBROKER Worked one-on-one with customers to manage portfolios. Communicated with customers both on the phone and in person . Assisted in planning for future trades and helped work to diversify funds. 9/29/2005 TO 9/1/2006 Scottrade, Inc. Baton Rouge, LA STOCKBROKER INTERN Helped senior stockbrokers manage their clients : handled calls and meetings, typed reports, etc. Assisted in general office management: organized meetings, headed projects, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: • Learned computing skills for Microsoft Office among other programs. 6/20/2007 TO 8/10/2007 LSU Public Policy Research Lab Baton Rouge, LA SURVEY RESEARCHER • Collected data through surveys given by phone. 6/12/2005 TO 8/1/2005 Roger McChargue Construction Houma, LA ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR • Assist managers: supervise works, pick up and place orders, load and unload equipment, etc. • Learned teamwork skills by collaborating efforts of various departments such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc. EDUCATION FALL 2005 TO SPRING 2009 Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA BACHELORS OF ARTS IN ECONOMICS • Minor in Business Administration • Minor in Spanish REFERENCES References are available on request....
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