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Human Environment in North America 1. Peopling of the America’s a. Trans-Oceanic i. This is the theory that people came over on ships. ii. Theory from archeologists suggests that the first human settlers in the America’s were from Asia 1. They build “reed” sailing vessels from bamboo 2. People have tried to recreate this, but the ships fell apart a. Weather may have changed- waters were shallow, no tropical movement of air iii. This is probably not true b. Bering Straight i. Theory is that Russia may have been connected to the tip of Alaska by ice 1. 25,000 to 14,000 years ago, they may have been connected by ice on an area called Beringia ii. This is more widely accepted iii. Archeological evidence 1. Some things have been found dating back 25 to 14 thousand years before present (BP) a. Old Crow Site in Northern Canada i. Spear points made from animal bones b. Poverty Point in Louisiana c. Sites in Mexico and Central America d. Sites in South America; Monte Verde, Chile i. Some things dated back 25,000 BP which is before we originally thought that people settled there iv. “Three Way Theory” 1. Three distinct language groups a. Amerind- 11,000 years BP i. Oldest language group b. Na-Dene- about 10,000 years BP c. Eskimo-Aleut- about 4,500 years BP 2. from these, over 2,000 languages emerged in North and South America BEFORE European Contact was made c. Aliens? * State - a politically organized territory that is administered by a sovereign government and is recognized by a significant portion of the international community. A state must have a permanent resident population and an organized economy * Nation - a tightly-knit people who posses bonds of language, ethnicity, religion, and other shared cultural attributes. Examples: Kurds, Scots in Scotland, Basques on the border of Spain and France. The US is not a nation because we have so much diversity.
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* Nation State - a state who’s population posses a high degree of cultural homogeneity and unity. Example: Ireland, Japan. *Not the US or Canada 2. Indigenous Landscape a. What did people do to survive 25,000 years ago? i. Over thousands of years these people domesticated plants, built permanent shelters, and, in some places, constructed elaborate social systems 1. They went from hunter-gatherers to domestic ii. The landscape looked much different after contact with the Europeans 1. Different uses and technologies a. Populations in Europe were better settled b. The Europeans brought diseases b. At European contact, nearly 18 million indigenous people lived on North America. By 1542, only 9 million remained. i.
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human_environment_in_north_america - Human Environment in...

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