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Key Word List: Exam 1 (NOT ALL INCLUSIVE) Geography Definition Beginnings Questions Human Geography Subdisciplines Physical Geog Subdis. Mapping Science Maps Scale Latitude Longitude Equator Prime meridian International date line Greenwich, England Projections Area,shape,distance,direction Types of maps Remote sensing Aerial Photography Nonphotographic imagery Satellite Imagery gis Space Location Place Relationships within Places Movement Regions Boundaries absolute location relative location site situation Formal Functional Foreland Vernacular Culture Cultural relativism Cultural landscape Material culture Folk culture Globalization Popular culture Atmosphere Hydrosphere Lithosphere Biosphere Greenhouse effect Core,mantel,crust Pangaea Plate tectonics Alfred Wegner Laurasia Gondwanaland Plate boundaries Divergent Convergent Transverse Ring of fire Landforms Climate %water on earth region of north America major landforms glacial loess plucking abrasion moraines great lakes Canadian shield
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