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Jean-Jaques Rousseau Midterm

Jean-Jaques Rousseau Midterm - Bowe 1 Kyle Bowe Professor...

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Bowe 1 Kyle Bowe Professor Conque Philosophy 2020 22 March 2006 Midterm: Jean-Jacques Rousseau In Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Discourse on the Origin of Inequality he advocates that the reason that inequality is so prevalent in today’s society is the existence of the idea of private property. He argues that man has dealt with this problem since his departure from his “natural” self. However, Rousseau also says that a return to this state is impossible. An underlying theme to this notion is the idea of man’s independence. Rousseau’s natural man is largely independent of all things beyond his mother’s breast as an infant. The natural man is harmonious and is not concerned with competition but merely with his own continued survival. Natural man existed in a time “when the earth [was] left to its natural fertility and covered with immense forests that were never mutilated by the axe, [and it offered] storehouses and shelters at every step to animals of every species” (p. 19).
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