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1 The Formal Report: Style Sheet The formal report begins with the “Executive Summary”. The executive summary includes the elements of the Foreword and Summary, with the exception of the purpose of document statement. The Executive Summary should have at least two paragraphs and the first paragraph should always present the ‘operational envelope (foreword). I. Executive Summary Remember, the executive summary should be a separate page(s) of the report The introduction of the report should begin on the next page. However, report pagination begins with the executive summary(page 1). Image of the Disease: Motivation: Problem: In General Terms. What did you have to figure out? What were the constraints or criteria that your solution had to respond to? Tasks : What were you assigned, i.e., what were you asked to do? Any tasks you had to perform, in addition, to prove your design is a viable solution. Global Conclusion(s) and Recommendation(s): Remember, your first duty iin the second or ‘summary’ paragraph of the executive summary is to respond to the problem, i.e., what do you conclude about the disease genetics or proteomics? How can this information be exploited effectively for the detection of the disease prior to the onset of symptoms? What technology would you recommend? The balance of the paragraph(s) essentially argues or defends the contentions made in the global conclusion and recommendation, using the key conclusions made in the Results and Discusssion section. These key conclusions must be backed up by critical supporting evidence/results and relevant recommendations.
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2 II. Introduction III. Methodology Motivation: Problem/Objective: In the introduction, the problem may now be presented in terms of your engineering objectives. Tasks : Tasks are presented here in terms of engineering objectives as well, i.e., how did you figure out what technology was most suitable and how do you prove this concept has merit? POD:
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Final_Formal_Report_Style_Sheet - The Formal Report: Style...

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