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University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business BA105: Organizational Behavior Spring 2008 Professor Holly Schroth Office: F524 email: schroth@haas.berkeley.edu Phone: 510-642-4550 Office Hrs: Th. 12:30-1:30 and by phone COURSE OBJECTIVES The purpose of this course is to introduce you to some management concepts that are important to managing your own and others’ behavior within organizations. In addition, the course will expose you to diverse frameworks for analyzing and understanding organizational issues. This exposure is intended to provide opportunities to apply these frameworks to organizational problems. The following is a partial list of course objectives: * To provide an overview of the fundamental theories and principles of organizational behavior, so that you can learn how to diagnose and find solutions to organizational people problems. * To learn how to get things done effectively and efficiently when working with or managing other people. * To further your development in leadership and interpersonal skills through experiential exercises and discussion. * To help you gain further insight into how your own experiences, preferences, strengths and weaknesses may impact your ability to become an effective member of organizations. If you cannot attend ALL class sessions and if you cannot live with ALL the requirements, do not take this section of the course. Written cases, video cases and exercises will be used to illustrate general principles. Missing lectures or sections means missing critical content. To download PowerPoint slides and other information about this class use Catalyst ( http://catalyst.haas.berkeley.edu ). You should already have a password for Catalyst. If you don’t, contact the help desk ( helpdesk@haas.berkeley.edu ). Course Grader: Michael Badalov Email: OBpapers@gmail.com ALL PAPERS (except the term project) will be submitted over email to Michael. If you have a laptop computer, please bring it to discussion section. Assigned papers are due prior to 8 a.m. on due date; section assignments are due before leaving section. Please address assignment grade questions to Michael. TEXTS Robbins & Judge (2007). Organizational Behavior , 12th ed., Prentice Hall. Course Reader available at on Study.Net (see Appendix A)
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COURSE REQUIREMENTS 1. Participation (20%): The class is comprised of a combination of lectures, case discussions, exercises and videos. You are expected to participate in class discussions and all exercises/cases as they are the central component of the course. Your participation is evaluated on discussion and analyses of written and video cases, participation in exercises and contributions to the class. You are expected to read the assignments before each class session and it is fair game for me to ask you personally about them during class. Evaluations of this part of your participation will be based on your ability to contribute comments that are insightful, relevant, and progressive (move the discussion
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Spring08OB_v1 - University of California, Berkeley Haas...

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