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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 3 1. Impact of climate and topography on marketing decisions: altitude, humidity, and temperature extremes are climatic features that affect the uses and functions of products and equipment.-Within even a single national market, climate can be sufficiently diverse to require major adjustments. -Different seasons between the Northern and Southern hemispheres also affect global strategies. -South America represents an extreme but well-defined example of the importance of geography in marketing considerations.-Mountains, oceans, seas, jungles, and other geographical features can pose serious impediments to economic growth and trade. Geographic hurdles have a direct effect on a country’s economy, markets, and the related activities of communication and distribution. 2. World Population Trends: Controlling Population Growth: faced with the ominous consequences of the population explosion, it would seem logical for countries to take appropriate steps to reduce growth to manageable rates, but procreation is one of the most culturally sensitive uncontrollable factors. Economics, self-esteem, religion, politics, and education all play a critical role in attitudes about family size. uncontrollable factors....
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