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Megan Lawless Com L 114 October 31, 2007 Written Response to Scott and de Gouges In Olympe de Gouge’s The Declaration of the Rights of Women , she begins by addressing the queen of France in a letter. This letter announces how de Gouge’s defended the queen on many occasions when others were making accusations and scorning her. De Gouge then proceeds to convince the queen to work for the rights of women. De Gouge tells the queen that if she does this she will have glory and the people’s affection. Throughout the letter De Gouge makes very clear her devotion and respect for the queen, and signs it as her “most noble and obedient servant.” In the style of Rousseau’s Social Contract , De Gouge lays down The Rights of Women. She states that in all of nature, only man has decided that women are inferior. She says that women should have the same inalienable rights as men, as well as duties. The articles listed in this contract pertain to the specific rights and duties of man, woman, and the government. They include equal rights for men and women, resistance to oppression for all, laws that limit oppression of women by men, equality in the way of positions and employment, and free communication of thought for women the same as men have. She states that this will be an advantage for all. After listing 17 articles, De Gouge addresses her female audience. She tells them to wake up and see that the revolution has only made the situation for women worse. She wants women to unite against this oppression and scorn by men. De Gouge also writes of a social contract between man and woman for when they get married. It lays out the rights of each person and what is to be done with the wealth should one die, and what is to be given to the children. She speaks of this to prevent men from denying their children and refusing to support them. De
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feminism - Megan Lawless Com L 114 Written Response to...

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