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NAME____________________________________________________ SECT #_________ CIRCULATION 10 POINTS When you have read the three articles on cardiovascular health, choose one of them to critique in this assignment. Title of article: Olive oil, Greek food halve heart deaths Describe the experimental design of the original research, including hypothesis, variables, sample size (replication), where carried out, who funded it, where it was published. Questions 1 and 2 together are worth 7 points. 1.) Information provided in article (some features may not be stated explicitly but you can infer them): hypothesis People, who regularly eat a Mediterranean-style diet, are halving their risk of dying from heart disease. independent variable The different countries. dependent variable How the Mediterranean diet lower the risk of dying from cardiovascular problems. treatment levels (number and kind) The treatment levels are 40,000 people aged from 40 to 69, men and women. 10,000 had migrated from Italy and Greece. where done
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Unformatted text preview: Italy, Greece, and Australia where published There is one study that was published in the latest American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, but was not the one made by the Monash University researchers mentioned in the article. who funded Monash University 2.) Information missing from article: The only thing was missing from the article is the replication. 3.) How convinced are you by the results reported in your article? Explain your thinking based on what was in the article and what was missing from the article. (3 pts) I am not convinced of what the article represents because it does not explain to me what the Mediterranean food does. There are few things that are missing from the article like the effect of the Mediterranean food on the person's cardiovascular system in either negative or in a positive way. It is clear that in the long run the results in a way are positive but as everything it must have a negative effect of some kind that is not mentioned....
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