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Process of Science - learned about termite behavior....

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NAME: Fahad Alqarawi SECT # 21 L PROCESS OF SCIENCE 6 POINTS Based on your first termite experiment (pages 11-13 in the lab manual): (1 pt) State one specific hypothesis you tested: Termites have a phobia from the red line. (1 pt) What was your independent variable? The different colors of lines. (1 pt) What was your dependent variable? The termite behavior. (3 pts) Discussion. Based on all of the work you did with termites in this lab, describe what you
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Unformatted text preview: learned about termite behavior. Provide support for any conclusions you draw by citing specific experiments you did. The termite has a phobia of the red color, this was my hypothesis. At first, we draw one blue light line to see if the termite could follow it, and it did. Then, we start drawing different lines; a light and blue, in different colors. The termite followed every single line several times except the red one....
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