Definition Paper - Elizabeth Mansell Audience: Editors...

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Elizabeth Mansell Audience: Editors Place: Seventeen Magazine Dear Editors, Every month your magazine comes out with a new issue telling teenage girls how to act and what to wear to entice a guy. Young women write in asking for advice on how to make guys find them attractive. Your magazine will let them know the latest trends, where to shop, who is in and who is out. Most importantly, Seventeen sells an image of what ‘attractive’ is suppose to be. Is it based on physical appearance alone? Does personality come into play? Being attractive is more than just physical beauty; it’s also about being mentally attractive and having an intriguing personality. Suppose it’s a normal Friday night in a college town, like Penn State. All the girls are getting ready to go out taking hours to do their hair and makeup, and especially picking out exactly the right outfit that Seventeen says will make a guy find her ‘attractive’ enough to come up and start a conversation with her. Take for example this month’s Seventeen which contains an article called “Label Hunter: Update your wardrobe with a luxe piece that’s worth the splurge.” The girls are all decked out and have arrived at the ‘social event’ and immediately strip off their layers of clothes needed for body warmth purposes only. This draws the attention of a few male onlookers. A collective
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Definition Paper - Elizabeth Mansell Audience: Editors...

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