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Elizabeth A. Mansell 12/03/06 9-7421-3338 Memory and Study Habits Some key concepts that we learned during our study of memory has translated into my life in very beneficial ways. There are different methods of encoding information into one’s memory; the best ways make it simple for retrieval of said information. Organizing information, chunking, and using the hierarchical organization are ways of improving memory that we learned in class. College life is much different from that of high school; the main adjustment is learning new study habits. Unlike high school, using one’s short term memory and cramming right before the test will not work in most cases. This is due to having to know the information and then applying it on exams. For college, using long-term memory is the key to success, and being able
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Unformatted text preview: to retrieve that information. Besides going over the information often and for an extended amount of time, there are tricks to learning concepts for tests. First, one can chunk information together. This helps in that if you group say, seven things together at once then if you remember one, the others should come back to you. Another method of remembering and storing information is organizing what you wish to study in a way that will be easy to remember. There are many other tricks, like associate one thing with another, or making an acronym for a certain concept. All these things have helped me personally with the way I approach studying and retaining what I wish to remember for the exam....
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