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PHYS 2C, W 2006 FINAL EXAM Version D Name___________________________________ Code______________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 1) 600 ft tall Hoover Dam is made to withstand the pressure due to the water of Lake Mead, which is 115 miles long. How would that pressure change if Lake Mead is replaced by "Lake Mudd" of the same depth but only 115 inches long (see figure)? 1 mi = 1.609 km, 1 in = 2.52 cm. A) Decrease 644 times B) Decrease 115000 times C) Remain the same D) Decrease 64389 times 1) 2) A cylindrical tank 24.0 cm in diameter is filled with water to a height of 20.0 cm. A small hole is made in the bottom of the tank. Find the speed at which the water leaks through the hole. A) 1.1 m/s B) 3.92 m/s C) 1.98 m/s D) 5.1 m/s 2) 3) A 621.0 - g iron meteor impacts the earth at a speed of 1922 m/s. If its kinetic energy goes entirely into heating of the meteorite, what will the resultant temperature rise be? The specific heat of iron is 113 cal/kg · °C. 1 cal = 4.184 J. A) 3910° C B) 16,300° C C) 6.30° C D) 2,430,000° C 3) 4) Warm blooded aquatic animals (body temperature 37° C) survive in cold water (4° C) due to thermal insulation provided by blubber - an organic material of thermal conductivity 0.1 W/m · K. The metabolic heat production rate Q of all animals is known to universally obey the approximate law Q = 560 W x (V / m 3 ) 3/4 , where V is the volume of an animal. Suppose a whale can be approximated by a sphere of radius R = 3 m. What minimal thickness of blubber would keep it warm? Volume of a sphere is (4 π / 3) R
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Phys_2C_W06_FINAL_D - PHYS 2C W 2006 FINAL EXAM Code...

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