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case study evaluation form

case study evaluation form - ADV370/PR367 INTEGRATED...

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ADV370/PR367: I NTEGRATED C OMMUNICATION M ANAGEMENT C ASE E VALUATION F EEDBACK F ORM Format (5 points): ______ Organization, Layout, and Design: Review Exhibit 1-1 on p.5 of Murphy and Cunningham Make it easier to read with indents, heads, subheads, etc. Content reads too much like an outline, too brief. Sloppy, grammatical and/or spelling errors, omitted words, etc. Statement of the Problem (5 points): ______ Frame the problem within the management area under discussion Focus on integrated communication management issues, not broad issues outside the scope of the case List of Critical Factors (25 points): ______ Identify the key factors in the case, look for the few “driving force” issues Include more analysis when articulating critical factors, too brief Don’t just replay descriptive facts in the case, articulate factors useful in making a decision Rank order of factors is out of sequence, always list the most critical factor first Reduce the number of factors to a manageable number, usually between 5-9
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