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Humcore Reading and Discussion Questions for Still Alive 1. Vienna or “Wien” in German: Where is it located? Can you say anything about its culture? What happened there in 1938? Vienna is located in Austria. Ruth Kluger describes it as a city that banished you and didn’t want you to leave. Hitler’s Germany annexed Austria and the Jews from Austria looked abroad to escape. 2.Who are the individual members of Kluger’s family and what happens to them? Her mother left to New York and her father was in jail most of her childhood. 3. How does she describe torture (18)? Does her definition differ from your own understanding? She describes the torture as the worst kind because of the kind of misery that it is. She describes the torture as being imposed with malicious intent, which deems it the worst type of torture. I believe that any type of torture is horrible and conveys the same message, which is pain and hate. 4. Look at the description of the aunt who died in the gas chamber on pp. 18-19. Kluger is not trying to convey petulance or lack of concern, but she is trying to convey something important. How do you understand her failure to forgive her poor murdered aunt? I think she has become desensitized from the horrors of the holocaust that she doesn’t seems to offer any kind of remorse to her aunt. She feels annoyed by her aunt and wasn’t too fond of her as a child. 5. What is the significance of poetry/poems and ballads in this account? Watch for her use of poetry. It shows a sense of growth for the children to find some sort of identity. She likes to recite of poems and ballads but they now have become a taboo and are turned off from adults. It shows the adults have lost their bearings and that they are confused and lost. 6. Kluger writes of her “shabby, shameful childhood in Vienna” (24-26). What were the restrictions on Jewish children? They couldn’t go into museums, swim in the municipal pool, acquire a bike, go with girlfriends to children’s movies, or skate. Jewish children’s lives became restricted and like a prison. 7. She criticizes Judaism for its male-dominated funeral rituals on p.30. How does this
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kluger questions - Humcore Reading and Discussion Questions...

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