CHM2046L-Assignment2-Scheme - UNKNOWN ANALYSIS SCHEME FOR...

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UNKNOWN ANALYSIS SCHEME FOR ASSIGNMENT #2 ASSIGNMENT Use methods consistent with standard qualitative analysis to identify two unknown substances that were made using a list of predetermined cations and anions. Analysis may include but is not limited to the use of flame tests, colorimetric indicators, and pre-acquired knowledge of chemical properties and tendencies. POSSIBLE IONS Cations: Na + , K + , NH 4 + Anions: Cl - , NO 3 - , SO 4 2- , HSO 4 - , OH - PROCEDURE 1. Prepare neutral water. 2. Thoroughly clean laboratory equipment so as to remove any contaminants. 3. Acquire indicators, reagents, and litmus paper that will be used through the course of the investigation. 4. Complete an unknown card from the stockwindow. 5. Take the completed card back to the stockwindow and acquire two unknown samples. 6. Begin investigation. Only 90 minutes is allotted for the two samples. The sample with the label is 2A. 7. After the analysis, return the unknown card to the stockwindow. QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS OUTLINE I. SAMPLE DESCRIPTION Document and observe the phase, color, odor, and crystalline properties of the sample. II. ORIGINAL SAMPLE TESTS Flame Tests Orange = sodium ion (but ammonium or potassium may be present) Purple/Pink = potassium ion (sodium ion is not present, but ammonium is
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CHM2046L-Assignment2-Scheme - UNKNOWN ANALYSIS SCHEME FOR...

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