Practice Test1 - Prof Sukwon Hong CHM 2210 Fall 2007 Name...

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Page 1 Prof. Sukwon Hong Name:_____________________________ CHM 2210 Fall 2007 UF ID: ____________________________ CHM 2210 Section 4356 Exam #1A September 21, 2007 This exam contains 7 pages including this coversheet and two pages of scratch paper. Write your name on every page. Write all final answers on this copy of the exam. Make sure that you sign the Honor Code certification at the bottom of this page. Turn cell phones off and store them for the duration of the exam. The exam will be collected at 7:05 p.m. without exception. Place your student ID on your desk for checking during the exam. It is okay to use a pencil, an erasable pen or a white-out correction. - Please remember that your exams will be scanned or xerox-copied for record. Exam is closed notes and closed book. Molecular models in a transparent plastic bag (without the instruction manual) is allowed. A calculator is not allowed. On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this examination. Signed: __________________________________________
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Hong CHM2210 F-2007 Exam #1A Name:__________________________ Page 2 Total Points: _____________ 1. Which has the most acidic proton? Circle the more acidic compound and explain why briefly (in one or two sentences). Show important resonance structures where appropriate. <Hint> Consider the stability of the conjugate base.
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Practice Test1 - Prof Sukwon Hong CHM 2210 Fall 2007 Name...

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