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Ruether Ch. 8 notes guide

Ruether Ch. 8 notes guide - divorce”(p 190 II Economic...

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Religious Perspectives on Marriage and Family (RLST 255) Mr. Montevecchio Mercyhurst College Ruether Ch. 8 Notes Guide Major Questions: 1. How have socioeconomic changes in the past half decade transformed family life? 2. How do gender, class, and race emerge as significant factors in the economic sphere, impacting family dynamics? Chapter 8 I. Increase in divorce A. Related to three major socioeconomic changes: 1. Economic production disappearing from the home. 2. Women became legally autonomous. 3. Legal autonomy for women led to economic self-sufficiency. B. Changes have recast marriage as primarily a love relationship (“The very demand that marriage offer fulfilling companionship itself creates the need for
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Unformatted text preview: divorce” (p. 190).). II. Economic changes and challenges A. Decline of the Middle Class 1. “Men’s Work” a. Income opportunities are significantly lower for men without higher education. b. A net effect is that there is less differentiation between male and female work 2. Rising cost of living a. Education b. Housing c. Transportation B. Wage Gap 1. Exists by race and by gender 2. Profession differences 3. In same fields C. The Increasing disparity between the “haves” and “have nots” D. Welfare and Welfare Reform...
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