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Religious Perspectives on Marriage and Family (RLST 255) Mr. Montevecchio Mercyhurst College Ruether Ch. 9 Notes Guide Major Questions: 1. How has the Victorian ideal of family been broken down by the realities of contemporary life? 2. What is a meant by a new ars erotica and what are its implications for sexual ethics? 3. What are some suggestions for public policy changes and new covenant-forming standards for strengthening family and marriage? Chapter 9 I. Breakdown of the Victorian Family Ideal A. Has broken down in modern context for a number of reasons, even though it always belied the reality of most relationships. B. Successful modern families are those that can negotiate the changed conditions. II. Goals for new social policy to aid “postmodern families” A. “Postmodern”—resisting set, objective definition; accepting diverse forms of
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Unformatted text preview: family as legitimate. B. Policy suggestions: 1. Easing tension between work and home life for both sexes, particularly where children are involved (pp. 211-212). 2. Acceptance and support for diverse family forms III. New covenant relationships in response to changing lifecycles and sexual patterns A. Changing sexual ethic of modern times create a need to adjust the timetables of commitment benchmarks (pp. 215-217). B. A new ars erotica 1. humanizing sex 2. Other advantages of more formally integrating sex and friendship. a. Gives equal standing to heterosexual and homosexual relationships. b. Renders more control over childbearing. IV. Economic policy changes to adequately deal with poverty...
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