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Web Form Toolkit 20050120 B - Overview of the Internet Web...

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Overview of the Internet Web server – IIS in the lab. Web servers send responses to requests for files. Web servers send static(pre-existing) files or dynamic (just created) files. Web clients – Browsers receive files containing HTML (instructions in the form of tags) from web servers and display content as instructed. Browser support – ASP.NET is optimized for internet explorer Web Pages – The server serves static or dynamic files. Microsoft provides two technologies of note for dynamic pages: dynamic HTML (DHTML) and active server pages. ASP.NET – ASP.NET replaces ASP and is their new web development tool. Visual Basic.NET creates and manages web forms using ASP.NET. The programs can have multiple classes and inheritance. Web Form – A web form is composed of HTML and other rendering instructions, and the Visual Basic code(the code behind file). The internet is stateless. – The state of a page, the values a user enters are lost, unless you specifically save those values. Your requests and the server responses are not available not store automatically through the internet protocols. The net forgets. Your code must remember by “Saving State” Absolute versus relative paths – http://www.mercyhurst.edu is an absolute path. “StartPage.aspx” is a relative path. VS will look in the current folder. Web Services - HTML Stream – Think of a stream of packets being sent to a client from the server. This stream of packets consists of tags(commands) and content. Starting Starting a Web Project (225) To keep all of your files in one folder 1. As soon as you open a new Web project, and you have saved it, select the solution file in the solution explorer 2. Select File>Save SolutionName As>Browse to find folder name in Inetpub\wwwroot and save solution file there. To Save Your Work Copy to the H drive the application folder that resides in c:/inetpub/wwwroot To Start Back Up Copy from the H drive to c:/inetpub/wwwroot
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Overview of the Files Supporting Web Forms File File type Purpose FormName.aspx ASP.NET Generates web user interface enabling server side code FormName.aspx.vb Visual Basic code The code behind the aspx file AssemblyInfo.vb Project Information Assembly names, versions and other project data ProjectName.vsdisco XML discovery file Holds links(URLs) to locate Web services Global.asax ASP.NET application file Supplies code for Application and Session Level Events Style.css Cascading style sheet Another level of formating control for HTML Web.config Configuration Contains setup data for each URL .dll Dynamic Link Library files Compiler creates .dll files that hold the compiled code, a web request causes the dll to be loaded into memory, the page created, and the dll deleted from memory To see all files Solution Explorer>Show All Files>then expand collapsed nodes Creating a Web Application (Page 205) New Project>ASP.NET Web application Common Properties Property Purpose Control ID Replaces Name All Title Places a title tag in the
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Web Form Toolkit 20050120 B - Overview of the Internet Web...

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