Outline for 9-17 - Ancient Mediterranean World Fall 2007...

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Ancient Mediterranean World Fall 2007 Prof. P. Perlman Outline for 9/17 600 Years of Formation A. Causes 1. Mycenaean Palace Centers and their (Minoan) conquests fall by palace destruction leading to larger destruction (Hittite); naval threat suggested but now questioned, albeit its human agency in (civil war via underclass via bassilies, natural famine (drought), etc.) 2. Egypt attacked and Pharos repulse successful; texts that describe ethnicities invading from Sea (-Peoples) a. Peleset (Philistines) one constituent of aquatic marauders and eventually go to Canaan and they suggest great Mycenaean (pottery) influence and shows a chain reaction since something happened in Greek/Anatolia heartland and came here; migrations and smaller populations and migrations. B. Effects 1. systems collapse central vacuum political, economic and palatial synergy lacks and small isolations jive unto them 2. loss of attributes of ‘high culture’ no literacy (Linear B associated with palatial culture); good for states’ rights 3. migrations 4. Dark Ages in the Greek world 5. opportunity for others II. The Phoenicians A. Introduction 1. Semitic inhabitants of Canaan 2. Sidon, Tyre 3. Phoenix B. Brief History 1. city-state culture develops in 12 th c. B.C.; instead of aiming for dynastic unification, they ruled in independent city-states foreshadowing Greek ones; right after the end of palatial culture; traditional city with hinterland and council via magistrate like widely seen in Greek hegemony; loves Canaanite coast and various islands; seen throughout Mediterranean and beyond 2. trading ‘empire’ in 10 th
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Outline for 9-17 - Ancient Mediterranean World Fall 2007...

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