Outline for 9-26 - Ancient Mediterranean World Fall 2007...

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Fall 2007 Prof. P. Perlman Outline for 9/26 I. Introduction. Fundamentals of Greek Religion A. The Divine 1. pantheon of gods and goddesses 2. organized into “generations” a. Titans-less civilized and a rough/elemental divinites in formation b. Olympians-time present is said to be omnipresent by them being there on mountain and they have really life on mountain; generations with family by 12 main and dozens of others 3. Hesiod Theogony - Right around 700b; single individual who made geneaology of gods and put together theogeny to put them in order; we can see Hittite (bridge) transcending from story from 1200b at best, and they even get it from Mesopotamia; fundamental debt I owe east since my identity, godly consumption and formation. 4. anthropomorphic-entirely human, for better and worse, have frivolities of humans; gods only gods by their immortality and divine character is not punishable regardless of how they act 5. divine/extreme jealousy to protect their immortality and wants Greeks not to claim divinity and they’d punish mortals guilty of- a. hybris- Arrogance; maxims like ‘know thyself’ was to mean mortal thoughts and limits for man b. nemesis - We must be alert to this retribution of we’re guilty of hybris; not a very generous picture B. Serving the Gods 1. creation of the human species- What is the point of humanity within as this antagonism; Jews like to say they are from God’s breath and from love; I expressed no interest of this kind of question; interest in the first woman as creation of Pandora next to Ethymysies huspand, and means gift from all the gods as they all contribute to woman’s creation and came with a box that, once opened, led out all evil in the word; she rose from the earth as fertility signification; why mortal life isn’t pleasant by something the gods test us by or hubris brings it to us; shifts blame from one’s own behavior to jeasously and gods’ evil through Pandora 2. a meaningful life- Reproduction valued, household needs more and polis also benefits from more people; serving one’s community, serving in army or decision making; and serving the gods by pleasing them via gifts: didn’t destroy me beauce they would miss a lot of good stuff and this sacrifice or a-
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Outline for 9-26 - Ancient Mediterranean World Fall 2007...

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