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Assignment for 9-26 - Ancient Mediterranean World Fall 2007...

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Ancient Mediterranean World Fall 2007 Prof. P. Perlman Assignment and Study Guide for 9/26 Religion and Rationalism I. Introduction II. Reading Assignment Nagle pp. 110 (bottom)-120 Nagle and Burstein no. 5.6, p. 96 (Athletics and the Polis) III. Think About 1. What does Nagle mean in saying that the object of polis religion was practical? How does this compare with the object of contemporary religions? It’s about form following function; civic religion unique to every polis with cults and rituals; worshipping lineage via maintaining shrines/temples at heart; rites are practical by goal of getting godly favor and allowing city to go on; likewise rituals womb-tomb that have men/women accept and understand their archetype. Archaic social upheaval sees (Lycurgus/Solon) give laws and other further religiosity by more examining it more; aristocrats harbor individualist envy. 2. Compare the roles of ancient Greek priests and priestesses with those of the officials (ministers, imams, rabbis, etc.) of contemporary religions. Lacked formal indoctrinated morality as priests and priestess just perform not reveal; mythology gives it a cogency to rationalize it; didn’t claim higher knowledge but only good at satisfying rituals, not gurus; systematized private/public and all expected to take part; half of Athenian calendar has festivles, though most are limited to a few; gods like beuty and good show, and not participating is dangerous for city; festivals entail sacrifice with banquet distributing meat. 3.
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Assignment for 9-26 - Ancient Mediterranean World Fall 2007...

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