literature+art - Com L 114. The Modern Self and Its...

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Com L 114. The Modern Self and Its Discontents November 17, 2007, 2007 Written Response to Literature + Photography Rationa l : We are closing up the literature section of the course. One of the main differentiating features of the literary work is that, unlike philosophical texts, novels or poems do not necessarily have a sound logical argumentative structure; its aim is not to advance a theoretical point, but rather deploy a complex treatment of a subject matter relying more on an connotative (allusive indirect) narrative strategy than on clear-cut logical arguments. This way of treating a subject matter by connotation rather than denotation is proper of all art, not just of literature; this is why in this occasion we are working not only with written material, but also with visual arts. You will take this written response to reflect on the possible relations between visual arts and literature. Due date : Wednesday November 21st at 5pm, in the envelope at GS 358. I nstructions : Reread your responses and class notes on Proust, Rulfo, and Lispector. Go to any of the exhibitions at the Johnson Museum of Art (open 10 to 5, Tuesday through Sunday), and select at least three pieces that you can relate to any of the topics of discussion of the
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literature+art - Com L 114. The Modern Self and Its...

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